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I’m working on some illustration projects for our upcoming Bozarts Toledo art show on December 10th. My intention with this series is to create “projection slide” looking compositions of highly vector looking, mid century modern subjects. enjoy | trailers MrTaylor


I’ve had the urge to do some digital coloring for some of the ink drawings I’ve been cranking out lately. I’ve done a ton of work in my sketch book this year and I’m ready to start adding some color. … Continue reading


My second submission that was accepted for the AIGA Summer Poster Series Show at Madhouse Gallery.


We’re working on putting together some new stickers for our shipping bags. This is one circle sticker concept i was playing with tonight. enjoy | wavy slightly offset patterns MrTaylor

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I have been saving up a ton of illustration work these past couple months, and i figured tonight was a good time to start putting some of it out there. Here’s a piece I did while on vacation, using my … Continue reading