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LSD ABC from LSD ABC on Vimeo. Really amazing short animation that is directed and animated by Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis. Maybe teenagers can learn their ABC’s by watching this fun little movie. The colors, and humor of the … Continue reading


So Artomatic 419 is here again, and its even bigger then last year! You’re going to see some amazing stuff at our Devicious booth ,and for the first time ever┬áMr Taylor has his very own booth that will literally make … Continue reading


It’s finally 2013, it’s a little hard to believe. Every year we dive deeper into the future and every year that passes I’m even more surprised watching all the changes at every life level. I really love watching technology speed … Continue reading


Since I’ve moved to Brooklyn, NY I’ve slowly been falling in love with the city. I mainly love the old New York. Seeing those old beautifully designed buildings hidden amongst all the dense city noise. So I came across this … Continue reading


Are you in Toledo? Do you love vintage? Do you love deals? If you answered these questions at all, or even read them in your head with a weird expression on your face, then you should stop by the Devicious … Continue reading


Yeh this is a super belated post, Michelle and I went to this back in summer, I’ve posted most of these photos on my tumblr, but I thought I should get them up on devicious as well! This was our … Continue reading


Hey Hey Ya’ll, Sorry, I was just trying out a new greeting…So here’s yet another awesome peak at some awesome things I see in New York. There’s always so much going on here, thats it’s a bit of a visual … Continue reading


Just watched this video twice and it made me smile inside. An amazing high end art agency called ilovedust drop this video not too long ago. It basically had everything you could ask for in a mini CN trailer, trippy … Continue reading


What’s up ya’ll. Popped on to post mini collection of some of my person favorite instagram photos I took. I like to show a little sneak peak into what I see when I’m living in New York, and also what … Continue reading


So we’ve been down for a bit, not sure if you noticed. We have been having some technical issues with our site, and had to have our good friend Matt Hanson (DJ Geek’dout) and resident Devicious developer take a look … Continue reading