LSD ABC from LSD ABC on Vimeo.

Really amazing short animation that is directed and animated by Laura Sicouri & Kadavre Exquis. Maybe teenagers can learn their ABC’s by watching this fun little movie. The colors, and humor of the short was spot on, very funny and entertaining.


Mind Fish - Melanie

Our friends in the Toledo band Mind Fish have put together a brand spankin’ new unplugged music video for their song “Melanie”

MF - Melanie 2

Great tune, and this unplugged version has a such a clean sound to it. Nice work guys, very well shot, and you can’t go wrong with Wes Anderson’s favorite font Futura. Can’t wait to collaborate and see more from Mind Fish this summer.

Yesterday at Artomatic419! (911 N Summit Street Toledo Ohio 11am-11pm) they performed a set in the Red room. And then another late night show at Mickey Finns, I had the pleasure to check out both sets. What a fun, crowd-moving band they are, so make sure to check them out the next time they play.

and hey, we’re going to be putting together the next MF t-shirt design. So look for that in the coming months. collab, collab, collab.

enjoy | triangles


MF - Melanie 4
click here to find them on facebook

Check out more of their videos on their YouTube channel –



So Artomatic 419 is here again, and its even bigger then last year! You’re going to see some amazing stuff at our Devicious booth ,and for the first time ever¬†Mr Taylor has his very own booth that will literally make your head explode!!!¬†Mr Taylor is crushing it in the Toledo art scene, and he’s unveiling his newest work at Artomatic.

“The 2013 event has grown in line with previous years, including well over 500 visual, literary, and, performing artists and is expected to have more than 10,000 guests visit over the three Saturdays of the program. ” -Toledo Arts Commission

It starts today, and continues for the NEXT 2 SATURDAYS. So see you all there, this is the perfect time to get local art and other amazing locally made goods for your friends and family. Come and enjoy the experience and join the growing Toledo art scene!


Matt & Micah



It’s finally 2013, it’s a little hard to believe. Every year we dive deeper into the future and every year that passes I’m even more surprised watching all the changes at every life level. I really love watching technology speed along, faster and better every day. Art, design, and fashion are keeping up just as fast, it’s awesome to watching them all intertwine and work together in ways I never even imagined. When it’s all said and done, it’s hard to believe that we’ve been apart of just that movement. Devicious has always been an ever evolving experiment created and run by artists that love art, technology, and handmade things.

So hopefully you made a New Years Resolution! I totally believe it’s a great thing to do, pushing yourself to learn something new, change something old, or just promising yourself something new and exciting is in store for you. I made a few resolutions, here it goes:

1. Post more amazing Devicious posts
2. Send out a Devicious newsletter. If you want to be on it email me
3. Create some new t-shirts, stickers, and various other devicious products for Artomatic 2013!
4. Create the first ever Devicious Zine!
5. Draw bigger
6. Get Devicious into a New York and Brooklyn store
7. Meet amazing new people in New York City and Brooklyn
8. Travel
9. Take more photographs

I guess that’s a pretty good start to what I want to accomplish this year! Hope you all have a good one!

Happy New Years from Devicious!
Matt and Micah

Enjoy|New Years


Since I’ve moved to Brooklyn, NY I’ve slowly been falling in love with the city. I mainly love the old New York. Seeing those old beautifully designed buildings hidden amongst all the dense city noise. So I came across this amazing collection of city shots that made me sit back and become inspired by the beauty of city living. I loved see the mix of beautiful city architecture mixed with the hustle and bustle of people and vehicles getting across town. If you are among the NYCers then you’ll love recognizing some of your favorite spots, and noticing how they look completely different back in the late 1800′s all the way up till the early 1950′s. So yeh, check out this pretty friggin amazing collection of pure Black and White New York photos shot over 100 years ago.

Signing Off,
Micah :)

Enjoy|BW Photography


Are you in Toledo? Do you love vintage? Do you love deals? If you answered these questions at all, or even read them in your head with a weird expression on your face, then you should stop by the Devicious Studio at 143 Main st, Toledo OH on Black Friday and stock up on some amazing vintage goods!

You can find all the details here!

Please share this with your friends and come on over ready to shop!
See you on Black Friday!



Yeh this is a super belated post, Michelle and I went to this back in summer, I’ve posted most of these photos on my tumblr, but I thought I should get them up on devicious as well! This was our first Makers Faire, and I’d have to say it was pretty amazing. I want a 3d printer, I want a giant biek with butterfly wings attached to them, and finally, I want to play 3d video games…the good kind. Well that was my experience in a nutshell, pure wonderment.


Soon we will be integrating instagram into our website you can follow along with our posts right on devicious! More on that soon…

Peace out :)



Hey Hey Ya’ll,
Sorry, I was just trying out a new greeting…So here’s yet another awesome peak at some awesome things I see in New York. There’s always so much going on here, thats it’s a bit of a visual overload, making it hard to focus on taking pictures and having them turn out looking good, rather then a jumble of buildings and trash. Hopefully these stand out amongst all the other New York picks you see floating around on the internet.

Top Left: Awesome guy rocking on the drums in the subway. He saw me take the pic, I’m usually pretty sneaky.

Top Right: Facing New Jerey, I took this somewhere in Chelsea I think. Close to one of the piers.

Bottom Left: My awesome boots on the Highline in Chelsea (If you can’t tell I love that area)

Bottom Right: Unicorn with its horn on fire! I saw this at the New York Makers Fair, which I have to say was epic. If you ever get a chance to go to one, you must! This was up in Queens…
That’s all for now!



Just watched this video twice and it made me smile inside. An amazing high end art agency called ilovedust drop this video not too long ago. It basically had everything you could ask for in a mini CN trailer, trippy colors, crazy music, and all your favorite characters. I love that they had a lot of the Adventure Time characters in it #geekout.Well, watch it and enjoy the amazing animation and coloring skills of whoever at ilovedust put this together. I think it’s truly a piece of animation art.




What’s up ya’ll. Popped on to post mini collection of some of my person favorite instagram photos I took. I like to show a little sneak peak into what I see when I’m living in New York, and also what art I might be working on during that time.

Top left: Illustration of some crazy happy guy with a long necks.
Top right: I saw this awesome graffiti piece in Brooklyn
Bottom left: Computer Illustration I did one evening, it was more of a color test
Bottom right: Awesome peace/love logo on the side of a wall I spotted walking through Chelsea, New York.

Hope ya liked em!
Enjoy | Exploring